A Couple of Fun Side Projects

Since I finished the quilt sandwich yesterday I decided to knock off a couple of small sewing projects that were on my list today. (I’m sure this boondoggle didn’t have anything to do with the procrastinating on digging into the Americana quilting).

At any rate, they’re both projects I’ve been meaning to get to for the kids, and they’re pretty quick, so I went ahead and knocked them out. It only took 2-3 hours to finish both and it was nice little break-just what I needed to get reinvigorated and eager to get back to Americana.

The first is a card holder for the kiddos. We love family game night, but little hands find card games a little challenging. We actually tried them out tonight with a game of Clue and they worked great! The pattern could use a few tweaks, but here’s the link if you’re interested: Card Kitty

The second project was a foldable Pokémon mat. No pattern for this one – I was just looking to replace my son’s super raggedy paper one that came free with some cards. I was initially going to buy one, but it turns out they’re like $50. So, I picked up some Pokémon fabric at the craft store a couple of weeks ago for about $6 and added some black flannel from my stash. I overbought on the interfacing for the card kitty and I had a perfect amount left for the mat. I used his paper mat as a template. It turned out pretty well…hopefully it holds up well over time.


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  1. Kathryn Beale says:

    Great idea. How about a Velcro tab on the Pokémon mat. I bet you could sell those!


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